How the Outlast® thermo-technology works

Via a heat source, usually the user’s body, heat is transferred to the Outlast® thermo-material. This features incorporated micro-encapsulated wax (usually based on rapeseed oil), which is liquefied under the influence of heat.

The wax is safely enclosed in microcapsules. According to a physical law, the temperature does not increase any further during the change of physical state from solid to liquid. Figuratively speaking,  the thermal energy can be used to overcome the physical state of the wax. And this is where the Outlast® effect becomes palpable: The body heat no longer heats up the microclimate, but rather makes the natural wax melt. The Outlast® thermo-material thus acts as a heat buffer, significantly reducing the user’s heat peaks.

A constantly balanced microclimate

The great thing about this technology is that it works in both directions – cooling or heating depending on the situation. As the body cools, crystallization occurs in the Outlast® thermo-material – once again a change of physical state, but one that releases heat. 

This cycle of solidifying and liquefying the natural wax within the microcapsules does not wear off, but instead functions continuously and repeatedly. Outlast thus permanently achieves a constantly comfortable temperature with its textiles, despite continuously changing temperatures and external influences around us over the course of a day or during the night.

Outlast® ORIGIN

Certified space technology in daily use

Outlast® thermo-technology was distinguished as a “Certified Space Technology™” in 2003 by the Space Foundation, an international non-profit organization to promote space activities. Outlast is the world’s only textile company to have received this quality label in connection with proactive heat management.

“Outlast is a long-standing partner to the Space Foundation and an outstanding advocate of our ‘Space Awareness’ initiatives. As one of the founding members of our ‘Space Technology Certification’ program, Outlast was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame® in 2005. Outlast is considered one of the pioneers that help to make space technologies usable for humanity on Earth to the benefit of all. These are true leadership qualities and practiced values. We are proud of the partnership with Outlast.”

Rich Cooper, Vice President Strategic Communications, Space Foundation, USA